Screenplay, Director

Francesco Selvi


Giacomo Benini


La Furia Film


Luca Nervegna

Original Soundtrack

Christian Mastroianni


Luca Nervegna

26 mins • 2.39:1 • Color

The Far West, a land of great promises, still free fertile plains and gold fields. The Far West is the land where every pioneer’s dreams can come true.
Since it’s the land of dreams, everyone has their own personal Far West.
A Cowboy looks for his own, on a journey full of expectations that will take him to cross mountains and wade rivers, finally arriving in a place where dreams are long gone… or maybe just need to be thought about again.

Torino Film Festival
Turin - Italy - 2016
World Premiere
Sedici Corto
Forlì - Italy - 2017
Official Selection
Lago Film Festival
Italy - 2017
Official Selection
Malatesta Short Film Festival
Cesena - Italy - 2017
Official Selection