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Il posto sospeso

Manuel Zani - 2021

In this film, the story of the few people who live in Ville Montetiffi intertwine with the ancient job of griddle potter. These are both fade out images from an epoch already disappeared during the last century: images that continue to live in this timeless place, infusing a feeling of eternal present. The external world exists only in the dimension of absence of beloved who rarely return to the village. The geography of the place, with its uneven nature, contributes to increase an apparent isolation in space and time. 
But the time flows also in the small village, like a karst river, and the continuous fluctuating of seasons lead to a change of the landscape as well as people lives. The characters, through their unintentional light irony, face with simplicity the problems intrinsic in the human being. 
The film has a style that reminds the anthropological documentary. The recitation of the main actors is almost impalpable. This renders difficult to say whether it is a fiction film or a documentary. So, the genre confuse with each other, functionally increasing the impression to be in a ‘suspended place’.

52 mins - 1,85 - color


Screenplay, director: Manuel Zani

Producer: Manuel Zani

Co-production: La Furia Film
Cinematographer: Luca Nervegna

Stefano De Pieri
Sound: Manuel Zani

Editor: Manuel Zani

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