“Sebastiano Gesù” prize at Ortigia Film Festival 2023 in the documentary session

“Per l’attenzione impiegata nella ricerca e nell’uso d’un archivio ampissimo per vastità e provenienza. Per la coerenza stilistica di un racconto insieme collettivo e intimo, che riesce a fondere pop, underground ed erudizione in una neo-mitologia di profonda efficacia emotiva. Per la capacità di trattare con dignità e onestà la complessità storica di un panorama culturale tra i più controversi degli ultimi decenni, che esplora le terre ignote del divertimento affrancandosi dalle retoriche dei chiaroscuro.



We are absolutely thrilled to share some fantastic news with all of you. Our documentary film, “Cocoricò Tapes,” has emerged victorious at this year’s Ortigia Film Festival, and we are overflowing with pride and gratitude!


About “Cocoricò Tapes”

“Cocoricò Tapes” is a project that is incredibly dear to our hearts. It is a documentary that delves into the legendary Cocoricò nightclub and its profound influence on the electronic music scene. Through interviews, captivating archival footage, and a compelling narrative, we have crafted a cinematic journey that celebrates the magic of Cocoricò and its impact on an entire generation.


The Ortigia Film Festival 2023

The Ortigia Film Festival is renowned for its commitment to showcasing outstanding films from around the world. It is a festival that celebrates creativity, storytelling, and the power of cinema to move and inspire audiences. Being recognized at this esteemed festival is an immense honor for us.


Stay tuned for updates on screenings, events, and opportunities to experience “Cocoricò Tapes” as we continue to share our documentary with the world.

Thank you for standing by us and for being a part of our journey. We are excited about what the future holds and look forward to sharing more cinematic adventures with you all.